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Find an Occupational Therapist in Newfoundland & Labrador

Occupational therapists practice in many different areas. In Newfoundland and Labrador occupational therapists are publicly funded through the health authorities and other agencies and are also available through private services.

Some insurance companies now provide coverage for private occupational therapy services.  Check with your insurance provider - if coverage is not available - Ask for it!  Insurance companies report that if their customers ask for it, increased demand will improve the likelihood of insurance companies covering occupational therapy services.  We know that occupational therapy works, that’s why we need Canadians with extended health benefits to ask for it! - Taken from www.caot.ca


Agencies that fund occupational therapy include:

  • Home care or hospital programs through the provincial health authorities
  • Extended health benefits with some insurers or as part of an insurance claim (e.g. motor vehicle accident)
  • Veterans Affairs for eligible veterans
  • Workers' Compensation for a work-related injury

Private Practice


You may also choose to hire an occupational therapist privately. Like other independent contractors, occupational therapists' rates and services offered differ. You can search for an occupational therapist in private practice here. Please note this information is revised at members request and its accuracy cannot be guaranteed.