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Dalhousie OT Graduate Level Courses

Course offerings 2014-2016 include:
FALL TERM 2014 (Sept - Dec)
OCCU 5010.03 Advanced Studies on Enabling Occupation
OCCU 6507.03 Critical Perspectives on Inequities in Everyday Life 
WINTER TERM 2015 (Jan - April)
OCCU 5030.03 Advanced Research Theory and Methods for Occupational Therapists
OCCU 5043.03 Program Evaluation for Occupational Therapists
SPRING TERM 2015 (May - June)
OCCU 5042.03 Community Development for Occupational Therapists
OCCU 6504.03 Measuring Health Outcomes 
FALL TERM 2015 (Sept - Dec)
OCCU 5041.03 Evidence-based Occupational Therapy
OCCU 6501.03 Special Topics: Chronic Disease
WINTER TERM 2016 (Jan - April)
OCCU 5043.03 Program Evaluation for Occupational Therapists
OCCU 6501.03 Special Topics: Aging
SPRING TERM 2016 (May - June)
OCCU 5040.03 Identity and Transitions
OCCU 5050.03 Public Dialogue on Occupations and Enablement
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